Thursday, July 31, 2008


Last weekend we went to Mexico and I brought my camera, but of course, didn't take one single picture:( Thanks to Shane and Sammie I was able to get a few pics that highlighted our trip. The first night Shane, Sammie, Eric and I decided to go swimming in the ocean so we could see the plankton glow. I had never swam in the ocean at night before, it was a little scary, but so cool!

Shane's Awesome Camera!!!

So Shane got an awesome camera for his bday that films under water, it's awesome! So to keep us occupied, we filmed some videos while we were in the pool, just to capture our everyday adventures like...making a music video...

...we had a break-dance off...(my favorite)

...and we have a friendly card game...

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Congratulations Jenn!!!

So my sister Jennifer is finally OFFICIALLY engaged to Thomas!!! We are all so excited! They set the date for November 8th. I can't wait!

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Phoenix Zoo Experience

We are usually out of town on the weekends, but this weekend, we were asked to give talks during sacrament, so we needed to be home for sunday. When Saturday came along, we got everything we needed to get done by noon, and then were sitting with nothing to do so we decided that since it wasn't as hot as it usually is, (we thought that the 95 degrees would be harmless compared to the usual 110) that we would go to the zoo. This pic was taken right when we got there...

Some of the animals...

But the fun soon ended...

So the first 5 minutes of the zoo was awesome, but the freakin heat kept creeping up on me and by the time we saw our 3rd animal, I was done. I am not a big fan of heat unless I am near a cool body of water, and so those fake water ponds by the rhinos started looking mighty refreshing. We tried to cool off with some frozen lemonade...(which they conveniently ran out of) so we had to go with ice cream, which made me feel even more gross. Needless to say, we left the zoo about 45 minutes after arriving. Please just compare the "before" pic we took at the beginning, then this "after" pic we took as we got into the car to leave that dreadful place... I'm telling you...I was dying!

"It's so dang hot...the zoo was a bad choice!"

On the way home, as I was finally cooling off, I just started laughing because my experience reminded me of a scene in one of my favorite movies: Anchorman, when Ron Burgundy gets fired from the news team and he becomes depressed. While he is walking down the street, he runs into his friends who won't talk to him, then the camara pans back to him as he takes a gulp of milk out of a carton and says in a depressed yet frustrated tone..."It's so dang hot! Milk was a bad choice!!!"
Eric and I quote that movie all of the time, and although I didn't happen to be drinking milk, as I reflected on our horrific experience, I couldn't help but picture myself trudging along the zoo grounds with that same look across my face...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Our Awesome Homemade Coffee Table

So, Preston (my dad), being the amazing entrepreneur/do it yourself guy that he is, decided that he wanted to make us a coffee table for our apartment. He has never made any furniture in his life, but I must say that it turned out pretty dang good. It's basic, but I was impressed and decided to post it to show off the mad skills that Preston has (and that I wish I inherited, but didn't).

Monday, July 14, 2008


We went up to Utah this weekend and had a blast! On Friday night we met up with some of our friends to go out to dinner. It was so fun to see everyone! After dinner we decided to set the camera up on automatic so we could all take a pic together but we weren't very successful. I was literally blocking Kristin's face in every picture:( But here are some attempts of Chris, Court, baby Pierce, Kristin, her friend Matt, and Eric and I...

Court, Kristin and Jess

My sister and mom (doesn't Sue look great by the way?!?) came up to search for the perfect wedding dress and wouldn't you know turned out to be the second one that she tried on!!! Our first and only stop was to Latter Day Bride in Salt Lake, it's also where I got my wedding dress. When Jenn tried "The One" on, we had a feeling that was it, but she tried on about 20 dresses total just to make sure. Of course she ended up picking the one she first fell in love with. Our bro, Josh lives in SLC so he was nice enough to swing by. I am so excited she found the dress! It fits her style perfectly!

On Sunday we went to Eric's Mission President's homecoming. It was so great to finally meet President and Sister Muir after hearing so much about them. I was surprised at how many of their missionaries showed up! For the musical number during sacrament, they had all of the missionaries that served while the Muirs were in Brasil get up and sing "Called to Serve" in was awesome! I counted almost 50 missionaries who were up there, it was amazing that so many of them were able to come! After, we all went to a park and had lunch. I am so mad that I forgot to take more pictures, but Eric had such a great time catching up with all of his old friends.

I brought the dresses that I made so that our cousins Dainon and Kilee's daughters Meili and Kayzha could try them on and they fit!!! I still haven't put buttons on any of the dresses yet, but they loved them so much that Kilee just pinned them in the back so that the girls could wear them to church. Unfortunately we had left already so we didn't get to see them, but they emailed us a picture. Those girls are adorable!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

More Sewing Creations!

So...since I am currently unemployed (and loving it), I have had time to make 3 more dresses this week, these 3 are all from the same pattern, just different fabrics. I feel like I improve each dress I make, so I need to figure out what I am going to do with all of these...just think of how many little dresses I'll have in my house a month from now:)

Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy BDay Shane!!!

Shane's bday was a few weeks ago, but we celebrated it while we were in Mexico. Meghan and Carlie made the cutest 4th of July cupcakes to celebrate. Shane's friend James tricked Sammie with the old trick..."Sammie smell this cupcake, it smells weird"...then when she put it up to her face, he pushed it and got frosting on her nose...the oldest trick in the book:) So, of course Sammie had no problem getting him back by walking up behind him while he was watching tv and shoving a whole cupcake in his face...that a girl Sam, that's why we love you!!!

Happy 4th of July!!!

We went to Mexico for the weekend and had a blast with Eric's fam! The weather was great and we enjoyed relaxing. For the 4th we went out to dinner and then went over to Eric's parent's new condo (they're furnishing it right now, so we still stay in the other condo) to watch the fireworks. It was so fun and you can see the entire city from their balcony. Beautiful!

Jessika and Nik's Wedding!!!

My good friend Jessika got married a few weeks ago in California, it was a beautiful summer wedding and Jess looked stunning!

My First Creations on the Sewing Machine!!!

So when we were in California the other weekend, my mom was nice (and patient) enough to teach me how to sew!!! I loved it!!! I decided that I would start off with little girl's dresses...hold your horses...I am NOT pregnant...I just figured since they are a whole lot smaller than my size, it would be a lot easier to learn. So here are the 2 dresses that I made that weekend (they are both the same pattern, just different fabrics), I am excited to make more!!!