Wednesday, June 30, 2010

please, do come in...

We FINALLY got Harlow's room finished and I couldn't be happier! It was mostly done a few months ago but I was waiting on a few more things to be painted. I love that Harlow's room is big because it sure wasn't hard filling it up! It's crazy how much space toys and furniture take up! As you can see...when I think of a theme...I go overboard and take the color scheme very literally:) I initially wanted the color of the walls to be light pink...but it turned out a whole lot darker...and to be honest, I love it! But I am glad the white furniture tones it down a bit. Enjoy!

My dad made this bookshelf/toy box and it matches her other furniture perfectly. He's quite the carpenter:)

I saw a pillow similar to this and so I decided to re-create it. My sister and I found this adorable feather brooch and I just LOVE how it all turned out!

This is my favorite thing in the room. Harlow has such a unique profile and I love how the silhouette shows that! (And I just LOVE the frame:))

Well, there you go. Sorry it took so long to do, but that's life with a baby I guess:) Thinking back on how I originally wanted the nursery to look...the only thing that is the same is the black/white/pink scheme. It's funny how that works! I had so much fun putting this room together and I'm glad I did because it's the room we use the most in the house:)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Harlow-Months 8&9

I have been SO horrible at taking pictures lately. We've been so busy and I am so mad that I've barely captured any of it! Harlow turned 9 months the other day and like usual...we fall more in love with her by the minute. She has such a cute personality already and LOVES attention. It kills me that in just a few months, it'll be a year since she came into our lives and took our hearts Time goes by faster and faster each day...I want to cry. We love our little Baby Sue and can't imagine life without her.

As of now Harlow:

-Says, "Mama", "Dada", "Baba", and "Hi!"
-Loves to : wave, give kisses, eat bread, stand, be held, go for walks, laugh and dance to music
-Hates to: be on her stomach...still!!!, be left alone, be in the car for too long, and sit in one place for too long

I love:
-How much her gums show when she smiles, laughs and cries
-That she wakes up so happy
-She FINALLY sleeps 10 hours at night
-She has started to fake laugh ALL. THE. TIME.
-She loves music and immediately starts dancing and singing
-That she decides to be super loud at the most inappropriate times: i.e. during sunday school at church
-That she is so social and loves to be around people
-When she gives me kisses and snuggles into my shoulder
-Knowing that she is ours forever