Sunday, April 25, 2010

Harlow-Month 7

Harlow is now 7 months old!!! We can't believe how big she's getting. I feel like these past 2 months she has really grown and changed a ton. A few days before turning 7 months, she all of the sudden decided that she LOVES bottles and that's all that she drinks prepare to see her get chunkier:) Because of the new bottle phase, she now takes longer naps and sleeps for longer periods during the night...she even went for 8 1/2 hours the other night!!! (Finally! I don't know how much longer I could've lasted on the lack of sleep from getting up every 2-3 hours!) Another thing she is constantly doing is moving her hands and wrists, it's hysterical, you'll see it in the video, she does it when she gets excited:)
We just can't get enough of this sweet little baby and love being her parents. She is just too adorable for words!!! Enjoy!

Sunday, April 18, 2010


My family and I decided to take a much needed vacation so we headed down to good 'ol mexico with Eric's parents and sister. We had a week full of lots of sun and sand and most Get ready for photo overload:) Enjoy!

Pool Time!

Sisters in our "mitchy matchy" swimsuits as Julie would say
Lots of food...

Capturing some of the babe's adorable swim suits...the leopard bikini...need I say more?

Trying to get creative with made-up can't go wrong when Jer is there...he's hysterical!

Sand time with the babes...

Some quality time with g-ma and g-pa...LOVE this pic

Harlow was having a hard time deciding whether or not she wanted to buy this sombrero...decisions...
Dying Easter eggs...well, everyone dyed a few eggs, then gave up, so Sammie and I were the only committed ones:)

Julie and Harlow having some quality balcony time during sunset
We had such a great time spending a few days together as a family and had a VERY hard time coming back to reality. Thank you Rod and Diane!!! You're the best! P.S. If you ever need company in that boring old condo...I guess Harlow and I can come and give you some entertainment:)

Monday, April 12, 2010


My dear mom passed away on March 26th early in the morning after a long 3 year battle with cancer. We were all so happy that we were able to spend quality time with her these past few months, it was such a sacred time for our family. All of us kids considered it a great honor to be able to take care of her during her final days, especially because she took such good care of us throughout our whole lives. She was such an angel in our lives and we truly miss her. Thank you for being the best mom, grandma, wife and friend that any of us could ever ask for. We love you mom and miss you everyday!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Harlow-Month 6

This post is a few weeks late, but...Harlow is 6 months old!!! We can't believe it! I feel like she has changed so much in the past few weeks and it is so fun to watch her learn and grow.

mom and dad...especially mom (she has learned to lean for me whenever anyone else is holding her...I secretly love it)
all other family members...or anyone that will give her attention and isn't too scary looking
baths and swimming in the pool
her books and toys
going on walks and being outside
being held
talking...which consists mainly of high pitch squeals and her notorious squawking
music and anything that lights up or moves
objects that shouldn't be played with, dropped or drooled on...i.e. cell phones and sunglasses
sitting up while playing as opposed to laying down
cereal and all baby food that we've tried so far

sleep...this girl HATES naps and sleeping in, she's usually up at 6:30 every morning,this has been the hardest adjustment for me:)
eating for long periods of time...she gets distracted so easily
sitting still for long periods of time
being on her stomach...I swear she is going to skip crawling and go straight to walking

Basically... Harlow babe is a little busy body and LOVES to look around and observe. We already love the cute personality that she's developing, she's constantly cracking us up. She has such a sweet disposition, and LOVES attention and LOVES hearing the sound of her loud voice:) We couldn't ask for a better baby and love her more and more everyday. Happy 6 Months angel baby!