Friday, June 1, 2012


Harper Reay Herbert

We were blessed with another darling little baby girl on April 26th, 2012. 
My due date was May 8th, but I was hoping I'd be able to get induced earlier since I was uncomfortable beyond words and Eric started school on the 7th. I went to my 38 week appt. on April 25th and much to my dismay, I hadn't progressed AT ALL!!! I was so frustrated, especially since my Dr. refuses to induce unless you're ready, and clearly, my body wasn't. He apologized and told me to come back next week and hopefully we would see some changes. I went home frustrated but figured it would be better to wait until the baby was ready, even if that was inconvenient for our schedules.
I was having contractions all day, and they seemed more intense than they had been before but I didn't think too much about it because of the news the doc gave me earlier that afternoon.
That night, Eric and I were watching tv in bed and all of the water broke!!! I couldn't believe it! We were freaking out because we weren't prepared whatsoever. We didn't have bags packed, a coming home outfit for the baby...nothing.
It was such a weird experience because I was induced with Harlow, so everything was much more calm and planned out. This was a little frantic...but in an exciting way. Eric's cousins came over to stay with Harlow and we took off to the hospital.
We arrived around 11pm which was a great time, the hospital was quiet and we were met at the door by 4 nurses. They gave us one of the bigger rooms and were all so nice and helpful. 
My dr. was at the hospital around 2:30am for a delivery and came in to check on me. The first thing I said to him was, "What did you do to me?!?!?!" hahaha! He has a great sense of humor and stayed to chat for almost a half an hour. By that time I was at a 3, which I had been ever since we got to the hospital. They considered giving me pitocin to speed things up, but decided to wait, which I was happy about because it makes me so nauseous. 
Also, with Harlow my epidural made me completely numb, and this time around I had feeling, but no pain. This entire experience was so different the 2nd time around. Both deliveries were awesome, but so different from each other.
At about 6am the nurse checked me and I was ready to go, but they like to wait about an hour to get things started so you don't have to push very long, which was great too. 
With Harlow, we had 7 family members in the room...this time it was just Eric and I. Eric's poor parents took off in the middle of the night from Arizona and drove through the night to try to make it, but were a few hours late. Such a bummer!
So Dr. Judd arrived and 3 contractions and a few pushes later, our little babe had arrived at 7:09am! We fell in love with her the moment we saw her. Did I mention, she has the most adorable dimple on her right cheek!?!? It kills me every time I see it!

She was 12 days early. 7lbs. 13oz. and 20 inches long. Such a smaller baby than Harlow (8lbs. 15oz.!)
Her and her sister look so different to me! It was so fun when Eric brought Harlow to the hospital to meet her little sister for the first time. She was immediately smitten with her and I can already tell they are going to be the best of friends. 

We love you Harps! Welcome to our family!!!