Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A few more Vegas pics

Here are few more pics. The first one is a shot from the roof of Dainon's new condo that we stayed at. The view was outstanding!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Vegas Baby!

We were invited to go to Las Vegas with our cousins, Dainon and Kilee for Eric's birthday. We had such a fun time, they are always fun to hang out with. We went to Phantom of the Opera and "O" the Cirque show. it was a blast!

Lunch at the Stratosphere

Eric wanted to go eat at the Stratosphere for his birthday, it was the first time either of us had been there and we loved it! The food was delish and the view was amazing! Also, a pic of the birthday boy with his poor pinky:(

Eric decided it would be funny to stick the camera in my face and pretend to be the paparazzi...

Preston's 50th Birthday!!!

My dad turned 50 so we threw him a small surprise party. He totally knew about it, but he was a good sport (even when he had to go pick up his own cake) All of my friends absolutely LOVE Preston! (His real name is Jeff, but he lets us call him Preston anyways) He is a great dad and we were so happy to be there to celebrate his BIG 5-0! His friend Dan even got him a walker with a huge horn on it! Hysterical!

Here are some pics from the party, his table decorations were all games and candy from when we were younger...pixie sticks, slinkies, and more! It was such a cute idea. Also, here is a pic of his cake, and a pic of him as a FAT baby, now you can see where we got our larger appetites from!

Eric and Jess

Eric always seems to want to make weird faces when we take a picture together. Seriously, it is impossible for him to just make a cute smile, so we have a very small amount of normal pics of the two of us. Here is an example that was taken at my Dad's bday party: Eric's mouth was full, so he decided to try to show that disgusting chewed up food when we tok a pic and I caught him red handed, so here is an action shot of me trying my hardest to act mad and not encourage's too hard to be mad at him though, he's just too sweet:)

The Drumstick

At Britt and Steve's luncheon after the wedding, we were waiting in line for the food. My friend Kristin and I were in the meat line and they were serving everyone small slices of turkey, but for some reason we must have looked famished because the server gave each of us the entire legs of the bird! It was hysterical, we didn't know how to go about eating it! It was impossible be proper, so we eventually gave up and picked up the entire drumstick and just went to town. Here is a pic of Kristin eating it and the other pic is of the "normal" serving.

Britt and Steve's Wedding!!!

Eric and I went to California the other weekend for our good friends Britt and Steve's wedding. It was sooo beautiful!!! I had my camera with me the entire time but totally forgot to take pics! I was so mad! Here are a few one that I stole from Jamie's (the photographer) blog and the other of Britt with her 3 youngest siblings, they are too cute!...Britt and Steve both looked stunning, as usual:)

Eric and the Kitchen Knife

So last week Eric and I were both home for lunch. He was trying to separate 2 frozen hamburger patties and ended up slicing his pinky open. It was disgusting!!! The cut looked really deep, so we decided to go to the ER. (which was an adventure in itself) 4 hours and 3 stitches later, Eric was ready to go home. Poor thing, he got a little light headed and was a tiny bit scared of the needle they had to put in his finger, but he was such a good trooper. These pics were taken in the ER, the one of his cut doesn't do it justice at all, it was nasty! We couldn't stop laughing at how silly the whole thing was, so we are contemplating making up a better story that sounds a lot cooler:)