Sunday, March 9, 2008

Meghan's Birthday!!!

Last Friday we celebrated our sister, Meghan's birthday. Our parents (haha, it's so funny to say 'our sister' and 'our parents') came up from Tucson and a group of us went out to dinner, then had cake and opened presents at our apartment. It's always fun to hang out with the Herbert's...they are hysterical.

Diane aka Mom made the is a large cupcake...the cutest cake I've ever seen! It was red velvet, so delish and adorable!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Fabulous Tahiti

I LOVE peacock feathers!!!


So here we are. Our first blog! I was talking to my friend Britt today and she had mentioned her blog and it inspired me to finally give in and have an official Eric and Jess Herbert blog. We'll start off the only proper posting some pics from our wedding day...the start of our new family. Here are some of our favs. It was such a beautiful day! It poured the night before, but we were so lucky that the rain stopped for the entire day. All I have to say is everything was PERFECT! We loved every minute of it!