Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Harlow-Month 11

Things have been so hectic around here lately so this video is a few weeks late...oops:) Just a few more weeks until our little babe is a year!!! I can't believe it! Harlow has such a cute personality, I feel like she just gets more adorable each day. She is doing so much so I wanted to write a few things down so I can remember:

-She can say: "mamma", "dadda", "out", "hat", "hi", "dog", "up", and my new favorite..."what's that?!?!" (she always says that one in a whisper...cutest thing ever!)
-She understands the difference between yes and no and if you ask her a question, she will nod yes or no to answer you.
-She FINALLY crawls!!! Well, puts her right leg in front of her and uses it to drag the rest of her body...but hey...we take what we can get around here:)
-Is great about giving kisses when you ask for one.
-Has become more cuddly lately. Everytime I put her to sleep, she likes to lay on my shoulder and she hums while I hum to her.
-She has become quite the copy cat...she mimics everything that we do, it's so cute!
-Decided that she HATES baby food and only wants food that she can pick up and feed herself.
-Some of her favorite food includes: mac'n'cheese, pb and j, cheese, tofu, bread, and more cheese. This girl loves cheese!
-LOVES music and starts dancing whenever she hears any sort of music.
-She has become such a girly girl, she loves to try on all of her bows and flowers...all of them have to be on her head at once:), she loves playing with mommy's makeup and pretends to put it on, and loves putting on necklaces and mommy's headbands.

We just love Harlow to death and can't imagine life without her! She seriously keeps us entertained all day long and we still can't get enough of her. We love you Harlow babe!!!