Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cyndi Lauper!!! Woo Woo!

Eric's dad, Rod employs a lady whose daughter is the tour manager for Cyndi Lauper. (Does that make sense?) Her tour was in Phoenix last night so Rod, Meghan, Eric and I had the opportunity to go. We were very hesitant at first, because we didn't know what to expect, but it ended up being super fun. We were able to meet Cyndi, go see her tour bus and even go backstage. It was a funny yet eventful night.

These were our favorite performers, Wanda Sykes did stand up and she was pretty hysterical, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts were pretty cool, I can't get over the fact that she's 50 years old, she looks super young, and of course Cyndi Lauper....

The crowd was full of, I'm trying to think of the best word to describe them..."peculiar" people. I'm sure we stood out more than anyone though. We even spotted some very interesting people who you wouldn't picture being huge Cyndi Lauper fans. This first guy was standing up and shouting the songs and dancing the entire time, and this second pic, of the old man just made us confused, we didn't know if we should laugh or cry. He was there by himself and almost looked as though he had no idea where he was...poor thing.

Here is a video of Meghan and I (with Rod in the background) singing along to Girls Just Wanna Have Fun...

The end of the night was awesome, we got to go backstage while all of the groups who performed sang 2 songs together, it was so cool! So, in conclusion, the night was actually really fun and we were spoiled by being given the VIP treatment. Cyndi Lauper rules!!! haha:)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My new sewing machine!!!!

So, finally after much anticipation, I got my first legit sewing machine! (That doesn't count the small kid machine that I got for my 12th birthday.) I am so excited to start sewing! I will definitely be updating every time I make something, so stay tuned:)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Shane's going to Milan!!!

Eric's little brother got his mission call a few weeks ago and we were so happy that we were able to be there when he opened it. He is going to Milan, Italy!!! We decided to poll a ton of family and friends to have them all guess where he was going and out of a little over 50 votes, not a single person chose Italy. It was hysterical! But Italy is the perfect place for him. We are so excited and know that he will do an amazing job.

Jessika's Bridal Shower

I threw a bridal shower for my friend Jessika in California a few weeks ago. She is getting married next week. I am so excited for her and her soon to be husband Nik. I didn't take a lot of pics, I am really bad at that:( Here is the bride to be, her little sis Taylor who won the toilet paper wedding dress competition and the 2 Jess'.