Sunday, July 29, 2012

harper - month 1

From the moment we welcomed Harper into our family, we immediately forgot what it was like without her. The first month was hard. It was full of adjustments and sleepless nights. Harlow and Harper were two completely different newborns. Eric and I joke that it's like being brand new parents all over again. Harper had jaundice as well as acid reflux so it was hard for her to be comfortable. Even though having a newborn was a lot more difficult for me this time around, I wouldn't change it for the world. All of the hard moments are completely over shadowed by how sweet and happy our baby gets. I can already see the different personality traits of our girls and look forward to enjoying them as individuals. We just adore you Harper girl! 


Brittny said...

That was perfectly written! She really is the sweetest, happiest baby. You guys are doing a great job and seem to adjusted well to having two! Love that cute Harper girl!!!

Rachael Krafft said...

That is the best way to describe a new addition to the family.

Joanne said...

Jessica, I don't know how else to contact you. My name is Joanne Davis and I saw the story about your brain tumor on KSL. I also have a brain tumor and have recently been going through chemo and radiation. Ever since reading your story, I've felt that I should contact you and that I could help you in some way. You story is so similar to mine, it's crazy. I have a grade 2 astrocitoma/glioma. I was diagnosed 2 months after my 3rd child was born. I had surgery to remove the majority of it, but it started to grow back after 2 years of remaining stable. That is why I've been going through radiation and chemo now. I also live in Utah and would love to talk to you and help in any way to know what to expect with the radiation and chemo. Please send me an email at and then we can exchange phone numbers and talk. I'd prefer to not leave my phone number here. I'm sure you understand.