Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Harlow!

Harlow's "Tutus and Ties" 2nd birthday party was just about 2 months ago, but I figured it's better late than never to show some pics from the parties:)

We had one party here in California and one in Tucson. My mother in law is a saint and helped out with so much for the party, she's the BEST! I could've never done it without her and all of her cute ideas and hard work!

I can't believe my sweet babe is getting so old! Although, I do feel like she went from being 1 to 5 years old:) She is hysterical and getting pretty dramatic nowadays:) We just love her to death and can't get over the fact that she is developing such an amazing personality. Just the other day while I was playing with her, out of the blue, she hugged me and said, "best friends mommy!!!"
Ummm...I just about passed out from her cuteness at that moment!
We love being Harlow's parents and couldn't have asked for a more sweet, hilarious, obedient, determined, happy little girl in our lives.
Happy birthday doll! We love you to the moon and back.
Mom and Dad


Annie and Dan said...

I am glad you posted. Seriously so cute, you did a great job!

Brittny said...

This was the cutest party ever! You did such a fabulous job!! I love that Harlow girl of yours, she is so dang cute!!

Katie Wiens said...

ok this party was seriously darling!the 2nd one looked awesome too! but i am dying over the last picture with your hair cut! I love!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT YOU LOOK GREAT POST MORE!!

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Arterios said...

that is totally the cutest party and what an amazing view is that where you live, what a property!! I reckon that you guys have such amazing scenery in america and you do parties and celebrations SO SO WELL over there!! i could definitely learn from you! :-)