Thursday, July 28, 2011

our summer through the lens of an iphone...

Lately I have been HORRIBLE at taking pictures. I don't know what my problem is, but it KILLS me to think that I'm not capturing a lot of our life on camera. At least I have my handy dandy iphone by my side to take spur of moment (in junky quality) pictures.

Harlow is getting so big and has such an adorable personality forming. She is quite the comedian and I try so hard to keep a straight face when she is doing something she shouldn't be but I can't help it! She reminds me a lot of myself...always trying to get a laugh out of someone. We've been all over the place this summer. Down to mexico, to Arizona. Over to Lake Powell. Home in California for a bit then back to Arizona for a long weekend. Needless to say we are lucky that she is such a good sport in those LONG car trips. Here are a few pics to sum up our summer thus far:

Cracking up as she watches herself on the phone:

She has been fighting naps so much lately...or in other words...I have been fighting the fact that she is most likely done with naps. I just haven't come to terms with it. This is a day that the lack of sleep finally caught up to her.

She is obsessed with these glasses lately! I don't know what it is! They seem like they would hurt or be uncomfortable because everytime the glasses come off, she has a enormous red mark on the bridge of her nose.

Just cooking in the kitchen with her accessories. And those boots! She makes me put them on her every. single. day. It's so hot outside but she is extremely insistent.

Speaking of the heat, Harlow is currently obsessed with "jackets" and makes me put them on her all of the time. It's so hot!!! I don't get it! She prefers her warm fleece winter jackets, which I had to hide so we've met in the middle with sweaters:)

Bringing strawberries to friends!

Dancing in the front yard!

Having a fun outing with dad...and making him wear her minnie mouse hat out in public.

Insisting on dressing herself. accessories and all. I thought that didn't happen until kids were at least 4 or 5!!!

Movies with the cousins! They were so cute sitting on their own chairs like big kids.

Getting a hold of my phone yet again! I swear that girl probably knows how to use my phone better than I do!

Riding a horse with uncle Jer...she is enamored with Jer! I think because she knows he will do whatever she wants him to:)

Riding pretend horses too! She like to pretend like she's my sister, Julie with her riding helmet. It's so cute!

Long car rides. She usually never falls asleep on our car trips. Even when they take 9 hours!!! She rarely takes a nap so I had to document the 30 minute peace and quiet in the car:) This just shows how hard she fights it, she didn't even let go of the book she was holding to fall asleep!

Sleeping on mommy and Lake Powell. She was so exhausted but wouldn't take a nap unless I was laying with her, so I got a few books read while we were there:)

At the park, we haven't been going as often as I'd like, but it's just too hot! I am definitely looking forward to fall.

I left Harlow in her room for a few minutes and when I came to check on her this is what I saw. She went in my closet, got my soccer cleats, put a headband on and was kicking around a ball in her room. She's hysterical.

Harlow's new teddy! My brother, Jer got it for her. Like I said, he will get ANYTHING for her. I'm surprised we don't have a puppy yet! She has lovingly named this giant beast "Jer" which he LOVES!!!

Another rare car napping moment.

This pic cracks me up. She looks like a bored teenager!! Hahaha!!!

Trips to the zoo!

We have been having a blast this summer and we can't believe Harlow babe will be 2 in just 2 short months! I can't handle it! Some of her latest phrases and obsessions are:

-If someone sneezes she stops what she's doing to say, "beesh you!"
-If I am in her way and she needs to pass me she says, "que me!!!"
-As the pictures have shown, she is obsessed with her purse, jewelry, sunglasses, jackets and shoes. I have learned to let her pick out her shoes first, so that I can match her outfit to them:)
-There are a few people that we know that are pregnant, and she has recently figured out that their bellies are so big because there is a baby inside. She can't get over it, it's hysterical! She will just stare at their cute bellies, then talk about it all day!

Right now I am working on her 2nd birthday, so get ready for some birthday fun coming soon!!!